Furs on Film – The Shadow (1994)

How many of you remember the “before times?” You know, back before Marvel movies, when superhero movies kinda sucked? We return to this period with The Shadow, a superhero movie that kinda sucked. While the plot, pacing, acting, and overall cinematic quality may be subpar, we are here to honor the costume designer’s 100% faithfulness… Read More Furs on Film – The Shadow (1994)

Furs on Film – Penelope (1966)

I have unintentionally been flipping back and forth between drama and comedy for the past few updates, so let’s keep that ball rolling. It’s swinging ‘60s time again, a decade that is not the best for my preferred type of fur fashion but is not without its charms. Charm #1 is Natalie Wood, who returns… Read More Furs on Film – Penelope (1966)

Furs on Film – Anna Karenina (2012)

Do you know what we need more of in 2022? Tragedy. Wait, no, I mean Keira Knightley in a bunch of fur. So let’s break out the most recent adaption of the Tolstoy classic, Anna Karenina, and check out Keira and her Oscar-winning Imperial Russian costume design.  Anna Karenina – The Film Holy crap, look… Read More Furs on Film – Anna Karenina (2012)

Furs on Film – At Long Last Love (1975)

Finally, I get around to posting that notoriously bad film set in the 1930s starring Burt Reynolds and Madaline Khan. Didn’t you already do that, you ask? No, silly, I’m talking about the musical one: At Long Last Love. When I say notoriously bad, I mean it. City Heat was just run-of-the-mill bad; this one… Read More Furs on Film – At Long Last Love (1975)

Furs on Film – Over the Moon (1939)

Welcome back to the other greatest fur fashion decade, the 1930s. I had never heard of this film until I saw Merle Oberon’s photo in white fox from the film. The film is a bit obscure and thus turned out to be almost impossible to find in anything but a colorized DVD. So, while I’m… Read More Furs on Film – Over the Moon (1939)

Furs on Film – Asso (1981)

Our tour of Italy continues with a film destined to make my inner middle-schooler giggle: Asso. The title translates to “Ace,” and more mature individuals would have used that name. Personally, I would have gone with “Pretty Lady Wears A Lot of Furs.” Asso – The Film Ahem, “Ace” (Adriano Celentano), the greatest poker player… Read More Furs on Film – Asso (1981)

Furs on Film – Funny Lady (1975)

More color. 70’s color! 70’s color about the ’20s and ’30s! The ’70s don’t get enough credit for some lovely furs because, well, it’s hard to see anything in the shadow of the blinding brilliance of the ’80s. Most period pieces are a product of their time, so lucky for us; there was no problem… Read More Furs on Film – Funny Lady (1975)

Jane Russell in White Fox

We return with another hot geo-political topic: should Panama be the 51st state? Morton Kondracke, your thoughts? Oh, wait, the cover, riiiight! Sorry, majored in government in college, and philosophy, too. Très useful, kids. That would be non-blonde bombshell Jane Russell, still looking the part 1964, draped in a thick white fox fringed wrap. Not only… Read More Jane Russell in White Fox