Anita Ekberg – Fox Fur Hat

Large fox hats are difficult to find, so surprising this one reports in from 1968. It sits rather perfectly upon the head of Swedish actress Anita Ekberg. The Flickr description says it’s from a postcard, though the postcard could be from a film. Feel free to weigh in via the comments if that’s the case. The pose seems rather “theatrical,” so to speak.

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  1. ‘theatrical’?? well, geez, given the good looks of Miss Ekberg and the eye catching nature of her head wear, is that any surprise? it all looks great, with the door frame setting off everything and drawing your eye where the publicist wanted it to go i think.

  2. Well, I suppose sometimes a postcard is just a postcard.

  3. The Green Fairy Avatar
    The Green Fairy

    I have a photograph of her wearing that hat but taken from another angle and I can only say that it is massive.
    The photograph is captioned ‘Il Colbacco De Anita’ which literally translates as Anita’s Busby and it was taken outside.
    I cannot find any information regarding the original source.

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