Furs on TV – Hawkeye (2021)

Hey, there was fur in Hawkeye. One may even be real, but I’m willing to be convinced there’s a great way to fake . Before you go getting too excited, we’re talking about one whole minute of run time. The maybe real lynx is the better of the two, and it shows up for… checks notes… six seconds. If you want to be generous… eight seconds.

Upside, the fake one is on Hailee Steinfeld. Hopefully, Yelena will have some better furs for Kate when they shack up for the lady snuggles. #bishlova

Okay, let’s get this show on the road; you’re not here to read anything I have to say after all. Hailee shows up in a probably faux and cuffs in Episode 02, “Hide and Seek.”

Vera Farmiga wears the possibly real lynx in the final episode, 06, of season one, “So This is Christmas.” Again, let me be clear, you are looking for the eight-second sequence where she is shown arriving at the party. That is all there is of it.

And that is it for the first update of this blog in… checks notes… almost ten years.


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  1. Glad to see your new post enjoy you post on fur in Films and television. I have had a fur coat from Warner Bros., Studios that was used in films but not sure which ones. Would it be appropriate to take some pictures of the coat to post on the site? It has the Warner Bros. Studios label. If that is acceptable I will take some pics to post.

    1. Hi Dale. Appreciate the offer but I’m not sure just a coat pic would really fit in with the content. Though if you figure out what movie it was in I may try to track that down and put up some caps of its ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ so to speak.

      1. Hello yes just an idea I’m trying to find out what movies it was used in so thought you or someone else in the group familiar with furs in film might recognize it.

      2. Unless it is a particularly bespoke piece of fashion, I doubt it will be very easy to identify. But… the site email is glamorinfurs at furglamor dot com.

  2. Hailer’s Faux Fur Collar and Cuffs turns up in Episode 2- Hide & Seek (18:15), not E3- Echoes.

    1. You’re right. I updated it. First post back after 10 years, I was a little rusty. 😉

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