Furs on Film – Sokaktan gelen kadin (1984)

Let's check out a different corner of the world: Turkey in the . Do I speak Turkish? No. Did the film have subtitles? No. Did this dissuade me in the least? No. Because I think it is safe to say that fur's language is universal. So, let's take a very plot-optional look at Sokaktan gelen kadin or The Woman From The Streets. The quality of the film isn't quite what I'd like, but something tells me this isn't destined for a 4k digital restoration anytime soon, so I went with what I had. You can, too; it's on YouTube.

Sokaktan gelen kadin – The Film

From what I can tell, the film is a thinly veiled excuse to place actress Banu Alkan in fur. That's about all the plot that matters to me, at least.  But, numerous sources suggest the story concerns a prostitute named Semra Ural (Banu Alkan), who is hired by a guy's father to get him to leave his current girlfriend. That's just thinking outside the box. (Insert box pun here.)

Sokaktan gelen kadin – The Furs

Let's meet Semra, the prostitute of some renown, who appears quickly chatting up a client at a bar with something we will become very familiar with, Semra's silver fox stole.

Banu Alkan in a Silver Fox Fur Stole - Sokaktan gelen kadin, 1984

The following day they're chatting in this lovely field, and we get a better look at the silver fox stole. She skips off happily for some reason. You can append “for some reason” to pretty much anything I say about the events in the film.

Banu Alkan in a Silver Fox Fur Stole - Sokaktan gelen kadin, 1984

I think this is where she gets hired by the father to seduce the son away from his girlfriend. She shows up to the job interview in a pretty conservative . Dress for the job you want, I guess.

Banu Alkan in a Mink Fur Coat - Sokaktan gelen kadin, 1984

So, on to the important stuff. Much of the action takes place in a ski resort, and Semra dresses accordingly. In fact, I might even say she overdresses, but that's a good thing. She arrives wearing a full-length silver fox fur coat with the silver fox draped over it. Layers!

Banu Alkan in a Silver Fox Fur Coat and Stole - Sokaktan gelen kadin, 1984

Talk about making an entrance. This outfit certainly qualifies.

She's undoubtedly warm, as evidenced by this lovely sequence in which she removes the stole and the coat to reveal she's got another jacket underneath. Also, I'm not sure who her gal Friday is in this film or what's she doing, but I'm sure there were many volunteers for the job.

Semra hits the slopes to find her mark. Is that a silver fox fur hat she's wearing?

Banu Alkan in a Silver Fox Fur Stole - Sokaktan gelen kadin, 1984

No! It's the same silver fox stole, worn like a headband. I'd forgotten this technique but was pleased when I saw it in action. I don't think I have seen it in an English language film. It's easy: apply the middle of the stole to the forehead, and cross in back. Try it with your fox stole today!

Banu Alkan in a Silver Fox Fur Stole - Sokaktan gelen kadin, 1984

For the entire act of the film at the resort, she's rarely without the silver fox stole or the coat. Mostly the stole, though the coat does appear again, thankfully. This wonderfully packs the film's runtime.

At one point, she shows up in a nightclub with a stole. This is sadly the only scene this fur appears in.

Banu Alkan in a White Fox Fur Stole - Sokaktan gelen kadin, 1984

Later, after various plot complications have arisen, Semra dials it back a bit with this white mink fur coat. It's not seen for very long, but it shows up in a couple of scenes. The silver fox stole is the real star.

Banu Alkan in a White Mink Fur Coat - Sokaktan gelen kadin, 1984

What happens? Do they live happily ever after? I don't know. Sadly the fur dries up entirely after that white mink goes away around the 50-minute mark. That's a quibble, considering what the film already provided, which is so, so much. By runtime alone, this is a contender for top ‘80s fur films. I'm curious to see if Forever Lulu can outpace it. You'll find out… sooner or later.

Fur Runtime: approx 19 minutes
Film Runtime: 87 minutes
On-Screen Fur Ratio: 21.8%

Find-a-Fur: Sokaktan gelen kadin, 1984

(all times are approximate)

  • 01:45 – lynx trim
  • 02:35 – 07:10 – silver fox stole
  • 08:00 – 09:20 – frumpy lady mink
  • 12:30 – 12:50 – not frumpy lady mink
  • 16:20 – 18:19 – silver fox coat + stole
  • 21:50 – 24:33 – silver fox stole as a hat
  • 26:15 – 27:25 – white fox to silver fox
  • 29:12 – 33:40 – silver fox stole as a hat
  • 39:10 – 40:00 – 43:50 – silver fox in montage to mink 2x
  • 45:35 – 47:30 – white mink

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