Furs on Film – Mr. Magoo (1997)

Let’s do another one-scene wonder: Mr. Magoo. Because it’s great, and because I only have to create one page for it.

Here’s the edit off the jump. I’m tired of all the terrible “DALL-E Mini” BS, but AI does have its uses…

Mr. Magoo – The Film

You don’t need to know anything about the movie other than it’s an adaption of an old cartoon about a highly nearsighted man and how that disability gets him into completely wacky situations (hard eye roll). It’s also one of the ever-increasingly long list of films I’ve that are very, very bad.

Mr. Magoo – The Fur

Kelly Lynch in a Hooded Silver Fox Fur Coat - Mr. Magoo, 1997

This is the film’s main antagonist, Luanne “The Black Widow” LeSeur, played ably by Kelly Lynch. Her villainy is likely subtly communicated by her very real, very large, hooded . Only the best villains wear this.

Kelly Lynch in a Hooded Silver Fox Fur Coat - Mr. Magoo, 1997

The true villainy here is the filmmaker’s decision to have this coat featured on screen for less than half a minute in total. Since this is 1997, I suspect the character’s evil nature was the only reason real fur was used. Granted, they did not have to go this hard, and I’m glad they did.

Plot-wise, it’s a pivotal moment where Miss LeSeur reveals she’s been evil all along. She kicks a dorky white dude (yeah!) and menaces a dog (boo!).

Then she drives away on a snowmobile. I’m working with about a minute and a half of the movie here, so there’s not a lot to offer, other than the all too brief, but glorious closeups of Kelly Lynch in a huge, hooded silver fox fur coat.

The gallery below is probably too large, even at only eight caps. The fur is fantastic and well worth a minute of your time to enjoy. I don’t recommend going out of your way to see anymore. 

And yes, someone is going to mention it; there are scenes of Jennifer Gardner in a white hat that I’m almost certain is faux. She’s the good girl, so of course. It’s actually right around the silver fox scene, so if you want it, go for it.

Two things to point out about the ratio. One: it is incredibly small. Two: it is larger than Cruella, the Disney movie about a woman “obsessed” with fur. 

Fur Runtime: approx 25 seconds
Film Runtime: 87 minutes
On-Screen Fur Ratio: .5%

Find-a-Fur: Mr. Magoo, 1997

(all times are approximate)

  • 49:17 – 50:53 – the silver fox

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