Furs on Film – Cocktail (1988)

So, if I had a “checklist” of “somewhat well-known ‘fur’ movies” that may or may not be considered “obligatory” to cover, this would be on that list. Cocktail is… fine. I’m just not a fan of . So, let’s see what happens to the YouTube metrics when I post something without a fox in it. I shouldn’t complain too much; Cocktail has the benefit of being a pretty quick film to cover with its two whole furs.

Cocktail – The Film

The film is about a guy named Brian who dreams of… owning a bar. Aim high, baby. He eventually realizes his dreams while encountering two women dressed in somewhat drab fur coats along the way. One he sleeps with, one he does not. He messes up the order, in my (and I suspect, most people’s) opinion.

Cocktail – The Furs

The first woman is Bonnie (Lisa Banes), a corpo type who may be the key to a button-down job in New York. It’s chilly the night they visit an art exhibit, and Bonnie is wearing her very conservative coat. From Sunday morning services to a night on the town, nothing bores the viewer to tears like a brown mink coat.

Sadly, this is the night the relationship ends. Not because of Bonnie’s poor taste in fur but other, more mercurial reasons. Bonus: slap.

Later in the film, lady-in-fur number two appears. This is Kerry (Kelly Lynch), who is well known for two things: a huge sable fur coat and a clear misunderstanding of how stairs work.

While I can appreciate how Kelly Lynch entering sable-covered-ass-first into a scene could have had a strong impact, I remain convinced the scene would have been improved with a blue fox instead.

We briefly see more of Kerry’s coat in the following scenes, though the one in the car keeps her out of focus the entire time. 

In summary, yes, I get it; if you love the fur in this movie, that’s fine. It’s just not for me. The raw numbers aren’t that great, but you will certainly accept a “quality over quantity” exception if you’re a fan sable (or mink, I suppose). The film’s two coats barely tickle at 3% fur runtime total.

Obligatory mention of, in your author’s humble opinion, a much better way to see Kelly Lynch wearing a fur coat: Mr. Magoo.

  • Fur Runtime: 3 minutes
  • Film Runtime:  103 minutes
  • On-Screen Ratio: 2.9%

Find-a-Fur: Cocktail, 1988

(All times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film.)

  • 1:06:00 – dark mink coat
  • 1:08:00 – ”
  • 1:27:00 – sable

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