Furs on Film – Murder-Rock: Dancing Death (1984)

Lucio Fulci is a big name in the scary movie world. He's responsible for some genre classics in zombie and Gallio films and worked in many genres over a decades-long career. So, naturally, since I'm talking about him, we'll be looking at one of his flops. Yes, horror fans may sing the praises of Zombi 2 or City of the Living Dead, but there are not a lot of Murder-Rock: Dancing Death stans.

Murder-Rock: Dancing Death – The Film

The movie takes place at the Arts for the Living Center, a dance/ballet school that will be hosting talent scouts looking for dancers for a TV show. Someone is killing dancers at the school, and Candice Norman (Olga Karlatos), a teacher, appears (hint, hint) to be investigating the murders. What follows is an 80s music video masquerading as a movie leading to the shocking twist ending. 

Murder-Rock: Dancing Death – The Furs

Carla Buzzanca in a Faux Fur Jacket - Murder Rock Dancing Death, 1984

In terms of fur fashion, the film takes a while to get going, and depending on your definition of “get going,” this probably isn't it. But, consider this all but assuredly spotted faux worn by Janice (Carla Buzzanca) to be fully documented. You won't have to worry about Janice much anymore after this scene, anyway.

Olga Karlatos in a Fur Coat - Murder Rock Dancing Death, 1984

Finally, Candice gets into the ‘80s spirit with the first of her two big furs of the film, a full-length coat that may be sheared red fox. This first scene in the car is a little tight, but don't worry; we will get a much better look at it soon.

Olga Karlatos in a Fur Coat - Murder Rock Dancing Death, 1984

That would be when Candice doggedly continues her investigations by looking for a patsy to frame *cough* the murderer because of a… dream. The plot of this film is… let's call it “interesting” and move on.

Olga Karlatos in a Fur Coat - Murder Rock Dancing Death, 1984

Fortunately, this sequence gives us an ample amount of the coat.

Belinda Busato in a Dyed Fox Fur Coat - Murder Rock Dancing Death, 1984

Between Candice's two big fur fashion moments, we have a very frustratingly short reminder that this is 1984 as Gloria (Belinda Busato) arrives at the studio wearing this full-length coat.

It's really the best thing in the film, but it's not on screen for very long. This is most of it. I'm willing to bet this is one of the very few scenes in cinematic history of a woman wearing a full-length fox coat on a bicycle.

Olga Karlatos in a White Mink Fur Stroller - Murder Rock Dancing Death, 1984

Now we move to the marquee fur, a stroller worn by Candice through the film's climax.

This provides ample screen time as Candice runs through the studio with the lights flashing on and off before entering the very blue control room. This is some nice cinematography, I'll give it that.

Olga Karlatos in a White Mink Fur Stroller - Murder Rock Dancing Death, 1984

If you're a fan of white , this should be on your watchlist for sure. 

Olga Karlatos in a White Mink Fur Stroller - Murder Rock Dancing Death, 1984

Spoilers: Candice did it. She's the killer, makes the villain's speech, and then kills herself with her own needle. It is all explained, and if you care, the Wikipedia article has a very detailed summary (Get there quick, it's already got the “too long or excessively detailed” warning slapped on it as of publish).

And that's our October spooky Giallo entry. As alluded to earlier, this is not one of Fulci's more fondly remembered entries. If you're squeamish about blood, then it's an excellent choice to ease into the genre, as the murder weapon (a hairpin) tamps down on the possibility of arterial spray. You still get ample nudity, though. The two big fur scenes are good, and any movie whose extended twist ending involves a can't be all bad.

Fur Runtime: approx 11.75 minutes
Film Runtime: 88 minutes
On-Screen Fur Ratio: 13%

Find-a-Fur: Murder-Rock: Dancing Death, 1984

(all times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film)

  • 24:25 – 26:00 – faux spots
  • 36:30 – 40:40 – sheared red fox? coat
  • 43:25 – ”
  • 1:11:00 – purple dye fox coat (brief)
  • 1:16:13 – white mink stroller
  • 1:18:35 – 1:31:15 – ”

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