Furs on Film – Seven Golden Men (1965)

While the “swinging” Sixties aren't my favorite fur fashion decade, it turns in some good stuff occasionally. And, hey, you're more likely to find fur in a '60s film than anything made after 1990. Granted, you may be wondering what a movie about Seven Golden Men has to do with fur fashion, but fortunately, those are not the only characters.

Seven Golden Men – The Film

Released initially as Sette uomini d'oro; the movie is a heist flick. Seven men are trying to rob a large amount of gold from the Swiss National Bank in Geneva. So… seven golden men. The team consists of the Professor who runs the show and six guys who do all the work. Since it's the '60s, the film's title omits the significant contributions of the only team member with a vagina.

Seven Golden Men – The Furs

Rossana Podestà in a White Fox Fur Hood, Seven Golden Men, 1965

Who is that team member? The Professor's main squeeze, Giorgia, played by Rossana Podestà.


Giorgia is the team's “inside (wo)man” who plays a crucial role in the heist. We are introduced to the pair as they arrive at the hotel across the street from the bank, where they'll run the heist. Giorgia is wearing a lovely -trimmed hood, and we are treated to some nicely framed shots of Miss Podestà's face surrounded by white fur.

Rossana Podestà in a White Mink Fur Coat, Seven Golden Men, 1965

Giorgia spends the film's first half running infiltration on the bank, gathering intel, and planting bugs. She disguises herself with a cute black bob and a white coat.


The film leaves us to assume that Giorgia's mere presence is distracting enough to the male staff. I could complain about the inherent sexism, but who am I kidding? I'd be easily distracted by Rossana Podestà cruising by looking all goth-adjacent like that.

Rossana Podestà in a Mink Trimmed Coat, Seven Golden Men, 1965

There is a brief interlude where Giorgia wears a different wig and mink-trimmed coat for another distracting stroll.

Rossana Podestà in Feathers, Seven Golden Men, 1965

Back in the hotel, Giorgia spends some time in . This is the kind of ‘adjacent' I'm less enthusiastic about, but I'm in my ‘completist' era. I will break down runtime figures for both fur and fur+feathers for those, like me, that appreciate the distinction. I will concede most of the time, Giorgia is wearing feathers; the film is non-too-subtly reminding us of just how attractive Rossana Podestà is.

Rossana Podestà in a White Mink Fur Coat, Seven Golden Men, 1965

Giorgia returns to the bank in her mod goth mink disguise.

Rossana Podestà in a White Fox Fur Hood, Seven Golden Men, 1965

And she departs the scene the way she arrived, in her white fox-trimmed hood.

Rossana Podestà in a Black Fur Coat, Seven Golden Men, 1965

There are a couple of other furs in the movie, including this black mink that appears while the Professor gives his ‘job well done' speech after the successful heist. Eagle-eyed viewers will note the remaining runtime and may well be concerned this success may not last.

Rossana Podestà in Feathers, Seven Golden Men, 1965

Yes, the Professor and Giorgia double-cross the rest of the team and make off on a train, where Giorgia's fondness for looking spectacular in feathers returns.


Giorgia executes a double cross of her own, of course. She leaves the Prof behind while picking up a spotted fur jacket that you'll see a lot of across the third act.

Rossana Podestà in a Leopard Fur Coat, Seven Golden Men, 1965

Now, for those, unlike me, who love a probably outlawed for years natural leopard coat, you'll be eating well for the next twenty minutes or so.


I was far more pleased to see the white fox-trimmed hood return for a much-deserved final encore just before the credits rolled.

Getting a lovely fox in a '60s movie is always a treat. And this one remains firmly rooted in the rest of the '60s with copious amounts of mink and spots. Should these be your favorites, I can certainly recommend this film even more. Should you be here for the hood, it gets a decent amount of screen time, over three different scenes, so you won't be disappointed. Everything included, you'll get almost 16 minutes of on-screen fashion action.

  • Fur + Feather Runtime: approx 15:46 minutes
  • Fur Runtime: 12 minutes
  • Film Runtime: 95 minutes
  • Fur + Feather On-Screen Ratio: 16.60%
  • Fur On-Screen Ratio: 12%

Find-a-Fur: Seven Golden Men, 1965

(all times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film)

  • 00:25 – white fox hood
  • 02:55 – 04:20 – ”
  • 05:10 – 09:20 –
  • 26:30 – pastel mink trim
  • 38:15 – feathers
  • 44:50 – feathers 2
  • 51:25 – 53:00- white mink
  • 55:30 – white fox trim/hood
  • 56:30 – 59:30 – ” intermittant
  • 59:49 – 1:07:20 – black mink? to feathers on fur spread to spots
  • 1:10:30 – 29:00 – spots (intermittent)
  • 1:29:10 – fox hood again

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