Furs on Film – Doctor Yes: The Hyannis Affair (1983)

“Low effort post month” has become “low-quality source month” as we dig through the VHS bin to find Doctor Yes: The Hyannis Affair. Now is the time for a reminder that video upscaling technology is only so powerful, and it can't make a 4k meal out of a 360p pile of pixel sludge. 

Doctor Yes: The Hyannis Affair – The Film

My impression of this movie is: “What if ‘80s soaps had boobs?” The production value, the acting, and, fortunately, the wardrobe all contribute to the sensation you're watching a lost episode of Another World. Then Britt Ekland's boobs pop out, and you realize that is not the case.

Doctor Yes: The Hyannis Affair – The Furs

So, Britt Ekland does appear topless in this film, but we are less concerned about her lack of clothes, but rather the complete opposite. She wears three or four different full-length fur coats. This coat and hat combo starts things off. This is about as classic ‘80s fur fashion as it gets. 

Next up is what could be a darker fox or . Again, the resolution of the source material makes this a little tricky to be 100% sure of. My money is on the fox, but you are welcome to disagree. Or it may just be two different furs; it's all possible in the wonderland of the .

Finally, there's this fur coat. And this is where Britt Ekland's boobs once more figure into the “plot,” as, yes, you will be treated to the classic: fur coat and no knickers—the real version, not the British idiom. 

Britt isn't solely responsible for all the fur in the film. Suzanne Barker, who has four other credits on IMDb, shows up with a coyote fur jacket with white fox trim. She has an engaging discussion with her friend, who finds that jacket somewhat irresistible.

The movie delivers on high ‘80s mega fox fashion, so it's slightly disappointing it is not showcased on screen more. Granted, I don't think the film is as interested in people keeping their clothes on as I would like. That's fair. With about 4 minutes of fur fashion, you get about 4% of the runtime. Granted, if you are interested in boobs, there are other reasons to invest time in this one.

  • Fur Runtime: approx 04:15 minutes
  • Film Runtime: 105 minutes
  • On-Screen Ratio: 4.05%

Find-a-Fur: Doctor Yes: The Hyannis Affair, 1983

(All times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film.)

  • 00:25 – raccoon? coat
  • 01:35 – red fox coat
  • 02:08 – raccoon? coat
  • 05:48 – red fox coat and hat
  • 30:35 – ”
  • 39:10 – 39:56 – coyote coat (nude reveal)
  • 1:13:15 – 1:14:00 – coyote jacket with white fox trim
  • 1:17:05 – 1:18:02 – racoon? coat
  • 1:28:30 – ”
  • 1:34:40 – 1:35:40 – coyote jacket with white fox trim
  • 1:42:30 – end – raccoon?

Another World… of Dr. Yes

So, what would it look like if we had a full 1080p version of this cinematic masterpiece? Well, perhaps something like this?

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