Furs on Film – Madame Claude (2021)

Yes, I know about Madame Claude. This popped into the suggestion box multiple times, along with some brave soul who may have thought they were making a funny by suggesting Cruella. Well, jokes on them. I mean, there is a site search; check it out before you spam me. Madame Claude 2021 – The Movie… Read More Furs on Film – Madame Claude (2021)

Furs on Film – The Bitch (1979)

This is our note that this is an R-rated movie, and our update references some “adult themes.” Continue at your own discretion. The Bitch – The Film The titular character, Fontaine Khaled (Joan Collins), is a woman fallen on hard times, something the film only tells and in no way shows, thankfully. She’s divorced her… Read More Furs on Film – The Bitch (1979)

Furs in Film – The Hotel New Hampshire (1984)

If I possessed any sense of timing, this would have been a great week to post the Dr. Phibes update. Halloween, etc… Lacking suitable alternatives from the horror genre (again, there aren’t many furs there, and “SyFy” doesn’t show Dracula’s Daughter anymore), I’ll go with young Jodie Foster in fox fur stoles. Never a bad… Read More Furs in Film – The Hotel New Hampshire (1984)

Furs on TV – Knots Landing (1982-1989)

Soap.net abandoned me a while back. I knew I was in trouble the minute I saw commercials for 90210. As I knew it would, the network’s line-up was slowly overtaken by 90’s soaps. Except for 60 minutes in the wee hours of the morning for Ryan’s Hope, the network is devoid of any worthwhile programming.… Read More Furs on TV – Knots Landing (1982-1989)