Furs on Film – Shoot ‘Em Up (2007)

Haven’t posted from something with a two in front recently because, well… Duh. But there are a few left. Some of them are mid at best, at least fur fashion-wise. Shoot ‘Em Up is a fun movie, at least, and I even saw it in the theatre. The problem is the lighting and framing will lull you into forgetting that the dyed jacket is even around, as I did many times. 

Shoot ‘Em Up – The Film

Man who is skilled with guns protects a baby who is not. Along for the ride is a prostitute whose presence in the film is based on the most ridiculous contrivance you can ask for. But she looks like Monica Bellucci, so who cares?

Shoot ‘Em Up – The Furs

Donna looks like Monica Bellucci because she is. She appears first in some down feather trim briefly. It’s not exactly a significant boost to the runtime, but it’s there.

After falling in with gun-guy, the film becomes a chase movie, and Donna spends much of it wearing a dyed chinchilla fur jacket. This checks the “hookers wear fur” trope box, of course, even if we’re left to wonder precisely how street-level-adjacent prostitute Donna scraped together the cash for a designer chinchilla jacket.

While this sounds like the setup to a really great fur fashion film, we quickly run into the lighting and cinematography, which is generally dark and generally very, very close to the character’s faces. Can’t particularly quibble about Miss Bellucci, but I would generally prefer Miss Bellucci with more than a couple of hairs visible on the coat.

The fact that it’s a chinchilla is also a net negative from the “can you see it in a dark room” perspective, even if the fur is generally not something you’d find in any movie. Likewise, being an action film from the past few decades, you won’t be allowed to watch a single shot for over a few seconds.

Crunching the numbers, we end up with about six minutes of fur on screen. Ultimately, I will tell you to watch the movie because it’s a decent action flick, not for Monica Bellucci in a chinchilla fur jacket, as that seems to be a cinematic afterthought in the film itself. Still, if the idea of Monica Bellucci in a chinchilla fur jacket intrigues you, dive in, just be ready to pay close attention, and maybe turn the brightness up.

  • Fur Runtime: 05:50 minutes
  • Film Runtime:  86 minutes
  • On-Screen Ratio: 6.78%

Find-a-Fur: Shoot ‘Em Up, 2007

(All times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film.)

  • 17:00 – feather robe trim
  • 22:30ish – 28:30 – dyed chinchilla collar
  • 29:15 – ”
  • 30:45 – ”
  • 31:20 – 41:00 – ” 
  • 47:20 – 49:30 – ”
  • 58:40 – ”
  • 1:09:45 – ”
  • 1:12:22 – ”
  • 1:12:45 – ‘’

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