Furs on Film – Funny Lady (1975)

More color. 70’s color! 70’s color about the ’20s and ’30s! The ’70s don’t get enough credit for some lovely furs because, well, it’s hard to see anything in the shadow of the blinding brilliance of the ’80s. Most period pieces are a product of their time, so lucky for us; there was no problem… Read More Furs on Film – Funny Lady (1975)

Furs on Film – Snapshot (1979)

How bout an Ozploitation flick? This one is fun for a few reasons. It’s one of the first I’ve posted with a unique combination of multiple release titles and a severed pig’s head. TCM showed it as Snapshot, as that was the name it was released under in its country of origin, Australia. It can… Read More Furs on Film – Snapshot (1979)

Furs on Film – Father Takes a Wife (1941)

Back to my favorite part of the 1940s, the bit where costume designers didn’t get the memo about how “fur is boring this decade.” Father Takes a Wife is from 1941 and quite nicely falls into that period. This was Gloria Swanson’s last film before a nine-year hiatus that would eventually lead to her “comeback”… Read More Furs on Film – Father Takes a Wife (1941)

Furs on Television – Deceptions (1985)

When TCM gives you lemons, you find an alternate source of lemonade. Thanks to an associate of mine for providing the “raw material” for this one. In my defense, I have a copy of Deceptions from years back, when it was a bit of fluffy filler on the Encore network, and cap quality wasn’t quite… Read More Furs on Television – Deceptions (1985)

Furs on Film – The Thin Man Films

Time to revisit the gentleman detective genre with what is arguably the most iconic of them all: The Thin Man. The adventures of Nick and Nora Charles spanned six films between 1934 and 1947, and as you can imagine, the ones from the 1930s will be featured a bit more prominently in this update. The… Read More Furs on Film – The Thin Man Films

Furs on Film – Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

Words evolve, and to a certain extent, the term “melodrama” no longer carries with it a particularly positive connotation. Indeed, when used in the sentence “don’t be so melodramatic” or connected with any original movie from Lifetime. It probably wasn’t so big a deal back in 1934 when it was slapped on a low-budget crime… Read More Furs on Film – Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

Fur on Film – Party Girl (1958)

Posting a short entry today. If you were disappointed that Cyd Charisse‘s character from Silk Stockings never got to wear furs, well, Cyd was a bit more fortunate in other roles. That includes this entry from 1958, Party Girl. Party Girl – The Film Party Girl is a late 50’s crime film about a showgirl,… Read More Fur on Film – Party Girl (1958)

Furs in Film – The Films of The Falcon (1941-1945)

I know what you’re thinking… I like the Lone Wolf, but what do you have in an ornithologically themed gentleman detective? Well, you are in luck. Today we have the films of a gentleman (and his brother) called The Falcon. Michael Arlen created The Falcon in a short story in Town and Country and was… Read More Furs in Film – The Films of The Falcon (1941-1945)

Furs In Film – The Lone Wolf Strikes (1940)

Since TCM hasn’t run a Thin Man marathon in at least two weeks, we’ll stick with The Lone Wolf.  This Lone Wolf guy knows a lot of women with fine taste in furs, it seems.  This is the first time I’ve reviewed a sequel right after the original.  Now, if they’d just made a series… Read More Furs In Film – The Lone Wolf Strikes (1940)