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  • User Curated Fur Movie List

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    In case you missed the comments on the last update, here’s a link to SimonG’s list of fur films on the UK IMDb: 2021: It’s Dead, Here’s the “Fur Coat” Keyword from IMDB. Having reviewed the list there are a lot of “yes… buts” in there if you ask me. Better than nothing. Good list.…

    User Curated Fur Movie List
  • IMDb Fur Coat Movie List

    http://www.imdb.com/keyword/fur-coat/ Noticed this list while doing research for posts.  Surprised me to find it, actually, and more surprised to find it reasonably well stocked.  The primary thing to note is the “rating” is not of the quality of furs in the film, but the overall IMDb rating.  Took a moment to dawn on me, but…

    IMDb Fur Coat Movie List

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