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Noticed this list while doing research for posts.  Surprised me to find it, actually, and more surprised to find it reasonably well stocked.  The primary thing to note is the “rating” is not of the quality of furs in the film, but the overall rating.  Took a moment to dawn on me, but the fact that The Mad Miss Manton wasn't at the top was a big clue.

Miss Manton is on the list, though, as are other good choices, like Forever Lulu and Blond Cheat. It appears the rationale behind applying the tag isn't necessarily confined to furs being a plot point in the film, a la Forever Lulu and Butterfield 8.  Otherwise Miss Manton and others wouldn't be on the list.

Definitely a few I haven't seen on that list.  Take care in using it, though, as I checked out RocknRolla on its recommendation was quite disappointed in the results.

4 thoughts on “IMDb Fur Coat Movie List

  1. Personally i would not take any notice of it at all. Two other pre-1940 classic fur films are missing, namely The Awful Truth and Roberta. Now Roberta might be rather fluffy but The Awful Truth is a very good film.

    Out of interest I just scanned through Dodsworth and i could not see much in the way of fur.

    The problem with the list is that it is compiled by people who do not watch films because they have fur in them, they see a fur coat for five seconds and it qualifies; Mr Magoo and Beverly Hill Madam are classic examples. I keep hearing people who rave on about them but fur wise they are rubbish.

    There are hundreds of films out there that have a far greater content but these people have never heard of them.

  2. I have Dodsworth from a while back, nothing particularly spectacular, but there is some fur in it. I wouldn’t bother posting it here.

    Mr. Magoo in particular is an example of “short but sweet.” A full length hooded silver fox coat on Kelly Lynch is certainly worthy of notice, and for many, may be the only thing of worth in that entire film. Again, not enough on its own merit to post here.

    I guess it comes down to people’s definition of “fur film”. Is 1 enough? For how long? If it’s purely a binary, yes/no, then there’s a bunch of films not on that list. Does the quality of the film have anything to do with it? I’d actually argue against that, since basically that doesn’t really have anything to do with the film’s fashions… though, admittedly, it has something to do with one’s willingness to tolerate the wait between furs if watching it without the benefit of fast-forward. Since I do liberally apply that, it’s not as much an issue for me.

    So I’m okay with the Magoo’s and Madam’s being on the list, however subjective that judgment may be. I’d find a list of films with number, type, and length of furs far more useful than the IMDb one, but at least the IMDb one provides some fruit for possible exploration.

  3. I see what you are saying but personally I like to have a defined balance between the two, the more fur the worse the film can be and when the film and the fur are both good I am very elated.

    Perhaps they could release edit versions of films so that Mr Magoo would be approximately five seconds long; if you see what I mean?

    I have come to realize that a lot of people who like fur do not like old films; they prefer to see ladies from the 80’s & 90’s in fur; Marlene in Shanghai Express and Irene in The Awful Truth really does not ‘Float Their Boat’!

  4. Well, perhaps if there is that list of fur films one day, it can include an overall rating for the film itself, though that is just as subjective as rating the quality and types of furs, as many fans of mink would hurriedly point out to me.

    Heh, for the record, the version of Mr. Magoo you’re looking for is approximately 22 seconds long… My hobby is precisely that, though I don’t get to release them.

    Yes, considered mentioning that as well, there are many more fans of the more recent renaissance in fur fashion, obviously because that very renaissance is what made them fans in the first place. I am one of them, but don’t confine myself to that one era. I wouldn’t mind featuring more power foxes from the 80’s, but the problem is, somewhat ironically, is that it’s easier to find the best of the 30’s on TV than is for the 80’s right about now. Guess I just have hang around long enough for all the 80’s nostalgia channels to show up…

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