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In case you missed the comments on the last update, here’s a to SimonG’s of fur films on the UK :

2021: It’s Dead, Here’s the “Fur Coat” Keyword from IMDB. Having reviewed the list there are a lot of “yes… buts” in there if you ask me. Better than nothing.

Good list. Skews towards the second renaissance in fox fashions (70’s – 80’s), which is good since I can, admittedly, be a little 30’s focused. Covers the classics and there’s a few things on there I’ll have to put on my “watch list.” There are a few “adult” entries there, so fair warning on that front.

If anyone else has a list of their favorite fur films, I’ll be happy to post it. Little information sharing helps us all out.

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  1. the green fairy Avatar
    the green fairy

    I am certainly biased towards the earlier decades because I like the whole essence of that era as well as the fashion, I find something so exciting about it; something that it is difficult to explain.

    The films are so good as they are an escape into a time that will never return, the ladies are not only so glamorous but the film totally relies on the story. I have just finished watching Blonde Cheat with Joan Fontaine looking absolutely immaculate throughout, she did not swear, there was no sex and no violence.

    It was also a time when ladies wore fur as a normal part of their dress so it would be more in evidence.

    I looked through SimonG’s list and I commend his efforts; I have watched several of the films. The Charlie’s Angels film was particularly good but I find a lot of the post 60’s films to be disappointing as there does not seem to be a proliferation of fur as it was going out of fashion and never returned to the heydays of the 30’s. I was particularly disappointed by Beverly Hills Madam, every one raved on about it but the time fur was on the screen was very short; that seems to be the case with a lot of post 60’s films.

  2. the green fairy Avatar
    the green fairy

    PS Sorry, i did not mean the Charlie’s Angels film but an episode of the series that they dressed up in furs.

  3. I’d rate the Charlie’s Angels series as overall pretty “average” at best, at least in terms of episode saturation. Not a lot of fur episodes, but when it happened, it was excellent.

    That seems like the point you were making about more modern filmmaking, I think.

    I agree the pace of films changed as they matured, making it hard to convincingly keep an actress in a huge fox for extended periods of time. The 70’s and 80’s helped make up for that a bit by at least regularly providing some spectacular, if brief, viewing.

    That brings my mind back to 80’s daytime soaps, which I certainly wasn’t watching at the time, but reason they may be the best examples of retaining that more classic Hollywood pacing in combination with seas of fox fur.

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