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User Curated Fur Movie List

In case you missed the comments on the last update, here’s a link to SimonG’s list of fur films on the UK IMDb:

Good list. Skews towards the second renaissance in fox fashions (70’s – 80’s), which is good since I can, admittedly, be a little 30’s focused. Covers the classics and there’s a few things on there I’ll have to put on my “watch list.” There are a few “adult” entries there, so fair warning on that front.

If anyone else has a list of their favorite fur films, I’ll be happy to post it. Little information sharing helps us all out.

And since this will have to suffice for the update this week, I present Marlene Dietrich in silver fox:

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Random Paramount Starlet

Don’t know who she is, but her costumer’s taste in white fox fur trim is impeccable:


Jean Harlow In White Fox Fur

I can only hope I’m around to enjoy this coming back into style: