FurGlamor’s Top 12 Actresses

Comments on the last post got me thinking a little harder about my favorites, so I decided to try and get them down, all official-like. So here is my entirely subjective personal opinion on the top 12 fur-wearing actresses of the last 80 or so years (mainly minus the last 20 since they… sucked). If… Read More FurGlamor’s Top 12 Actresses

Furs on Film – Dance, Girl, Dance (1940)

Finally, we are back with a full-on, legit, single film update post. It has been a while, TCM; thanks for finally ponying up a good one. This one fits into a few of my favorite categories. Foremost, it’s another entry from 1940 where the costume director didn’t get the memo about that regrettable sea change… Read More Furs on Film – Dance, Girl, Dance (1940)

Furs on Film – Easy to Wed (1946)

TCM finally showed Easy to Wed again, so I can do my “remake comparison post.” The idea of remaking things as musicals didn’t start in the ’50s. No, that trend started a while back, and Easy to Wed is one of the examples from the ’40s. What film was it? Well, something long-time readers will… Read More Furs on Film – Easy to Wed (1946)

Furs on Film – The Annabel Films (1938)

At the risk of exposing an opinion that may be slightly outside the “mainstream,” I do not, in fact, love Lucy. I do love Annabel, though, who is played by a twenty-seven-year-old Lucille Ball during her time as a film star before an admittedly pioneering gig on one of television’s most memorable shows. While television… Read More Furs on Film – The Annabel Films (1938)