TCM finally showed Easy to Wed again, so I can do my “remake comparison post.” The idea of remaking things as musicals didn’t start in the ’50s. No, that trend started a while back, and Easy to Wed is one of the examples from the ’40s. What film was it? Well, something long-time readers will be familiar with: Libeled Lady.

Lucille Ball in a Marble Fox Fur Cape - Easy to Wed - 1946


Easy to Wed

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Easy to Wed – The Film

Easy to Wed is pretty much the exact same story as Libeled Lady, though some people are singing since it’s now a musical, and, since Esther Williams is involved, an additional swimming pool or two. I suppose MGM had a crack team of specialist screenwriters entirely devoted to figuring out ways to put Esther Williams in water. The only differences here are the people playing the roles, and even the character names are the same.

Easy to Wed – The Furs

So we have a “Tale of Two Gladys-es,” the first the screen legend Jean Harlow, the second Lucille Ball, who in this film occupies the space between her film and television careers. It seems the people who remade the film felt the need to preserve some, though sadly not all, of the original’s costume direction.

Gladys and Bill Chandler (Van Johnson) get their sham marriage; she starts with this hat. An appetizer, at best, but not unworthy of notice.

Lucille Ball in a White Fox Fur Hat - Easy to Wed - 1946

In terms of how this film differs from the original, the producers saw fit to present the dinner scene from the original without Esther Williams in a huge white fox cape as Myrna Loy’s Connie Allenbury wore. This was easily the best fur from Libeled Lady, and I’ll throw it up here just to remind everyone.

Myrna Loy in a White Fox Fur Cape - Libeled Lady 1936

Gladys is on the phone. In Libeled Lady, we had righty Jean Harlow in chinchilla:

Jean Harlow in a Chinchilla Fur Jacket - Libeled Lady 1936

Easy to Wed provides us Lucille Ball as a lefty in . Advantage Libeled Lady.

Lucille Ball in an Ermine Stole - Easy to Wed - 1946

While Connie didn’t wear a giant white fox cape to dinner, she does get married in this mink:

Esther Williams in a Fur Coat - Easy to Wed - 1946

Finally, we have the core of both films, the furs worn by the 2 Gladys-es during the film’s comedic climaxes. Libeled Lady provided this fox-trimmed beauty with an enormous collar.

Jean Harlow in a Fox Fur Collar - Libeled Lady 1936

Easy to Wed puts Lucy’s Gladys in a fox wrap of some, not-unworthy size. I’m still giving it to Libeled Lady, though.

Lucille Ball in a Marble Fox Fur Cape - Easy to Wed - 1946

The end of both films is virtually identical, where Gladys confronts Connie and Bill with the actual status of their marriage, runs to the bedroom, and exits when Bill and Warren (Keenan Wynn) have a brief altercation. Both fade to credits with a 5-way argument, though Easy To Wed adds a mariachi band to the mix. Here’s Myrna Loy and Jean Harlow in the bedroom.

Jean Harlow in a Fox Fur Collar - Libeled Lady 1936

And Here’s Lucille Ball and Esther Williams in the bedroom.

Lucille Ball in a Marble Fox Fur Cape - Easy to Wed - 1946

On its own, Easy To Wed isn’t a lousy fur film. The last part with Lucille Ball in the fox wrap is quite lovely. It suffers for the inevitable comparisons to Libeled Lady, though. It should be noted that Gladys is a kind of proto-Lucy (Ricardo), something that some may find a plus, but, simply put, I do not. To be fair, she was the same character when Jean Harlow played her; it’s merely that Harlow didn’t end up playing the same character for the rest of her career.

Fur Runtime: approx 10 minutes
Film Runtime: 106 minutes
On-Screen Fur Ratio: 9%

4 responses to “Furs on Film – Easy to Wed (1946)”

  1. the green fairy Avatar
    the green fairy

    I can only concur and repeat what I said about the Annabel films. Who knows where Jean Harlow’s career would have gone if she had lived longer, we could have had ‘I Love Jean’ competing with ‘I Love Lucy’; the thought makes me shudder.

    I must say that the stole she wears in ‘Easy To Wed’ is stunning, perhaps not as stunning as Jane Wyman’s pink stole but a little less flamboyant and a lot more wearable; where honestly could one wear a pink stole? The only thing that ruins the scene for me is her hat; did she wear it for a bet or a dare? I think she should have worn a matching fur hat or at least something incorporating fur.

  2. I agree that Lucille’s stole would be easier to pull off for the average dinner engagement, but my motto with fox is “there is no ‘too small’”. It certainly depends on who is wearing the pink fox stole. Given the right lady, the answer could well be “anywhere she pleases.”

    As for the hat… yes, it seems like a cross between something Carmen Miranda would wear and an exploding bluebird. A tall, wide brimmed fox would have been a far more appropriate complement.

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