Joan Bennett

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Miss Bennett looking rather pleased with herself, and why not, in such a full . Not sure what this is from, or if it is, in fact, ‘from’ anything other than a random publicity shot.

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  1. The Green Fairy Avatar

    I am almost certain that this is a studio glamour photograph.

    I read a story that Joan’s last husband (the fourth who I believe was called David) was a transvestite. After she died he took to dressing himself in her clothes, holding parties at his house and being referred to by a feminine name. It also said that he was very passionate about fur and loved to wear it; luckily for him Joan had had lots of them.

    I did some investigating and found out that he was actually overweight with a dibilitating disease. Joan was only 5′ 4″ so even if he had been of normal size, it is unlikely that her clothes would have fitted him. But it is a nice story.

  2. Yes, sounds like Joan’s collection would have been wasted on anyone but the most accomplished transvestite, so perhaps it’s best that, considering the facts, it was merely an interesting flight of fancy.

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