Anna May Wong in Fur

Pursuant to a previous comment, I decided I'd actually look for the lovely Miss Wong in fur instead of simply crossing my fingers and hoping something would show up on TCM. That's not been working out well lately, after all.  So via Flickr, here's a minor selection of Miss Wong in some decent furs:

Piccadilly (1929)
From the 1929 film Piccadilly.

Anna May Wong
Publicity shot for Piccadilly, better view of the fur.

Anna May Wong

Best of the bunch, Anny May Wong in fur for a publicity shot.

3 thoughts on “Anna May Wong in Fur

  1. I have seventeen pictures of Anna May Wong wearing fur and only one is from a film. It shows her wearing silver fox and holding her hand over another woman’s mouth but I have not got a clue what the film was.
    Perhaps Hollywood did not think that Oriental ladies wore fur?

  2. Well, Piccadilly will get you Anna May Wong in fox, at least. Though your film sounds far more interesting.

    Furs really don’t seem to have been all that popular in the Orient, at least judging by my limited exposure to their media, which I admit means pretty much diddly, heh. I suppose different societies have their preferences for “conspicuous display”. Sad, lot of missed potential there.

  3. She was actually born in America so had little connection with the Orient.

    A little snippet I gleaned that might shed some light on the lack of Miss Wong (Wong Liu Tsongi) wearing fur in the movies:
    “The extent of anti-Chinese sentiment in the U.S. was so deep that Hollywood usually typecast Wong, typically wearing form-fitting Chinese gowns, not specifically as an Asian but as an “exotic” foreigner.”

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