Modestly Large Fox Fur Wrap


Originally uploaded by xenophon1

I have seen this photo before, and, in that location, the individual in the photo was identified. Sadly the memory of her name is lost in a haze of Star Trek trivia and the last little bits of my higher education. I sense a reader or two may be able to supply an ID of this lady, whom I believe to be royalty of some sort. So, feel free to comment.

Hollywood, at least, always thought royalty was a little too enamored of ermine, a rather poor choice. This lady has the right idea. If only “power fox” was the fur of royalty and not ermine. Why suggest power when you can project it?

4 Comments to “Modestly Large Fox Fur Wrap”

  1. I know the website that you refer to. I have looked through my photographs and unfortunately stored that picture without a name. I have racked what brain I have left that alcohol has not ravaged and come up with the name Sara or Sarita Montiel.

  2. The other name that springs to mind in Maria Felix.
    I will ponder no longer.

  3. This is of course Ludmila Tcherina in the Daughter of Mata Hari. If anyone can locate that picture I would be willing to pay a 1000$ for it. This is the most fantastic fur ever shown on cinema. It was made from 80 (!) white foxes and weighed 30 kilo!

  4. I like that one, a suitably exotic lady for such an amazing fur. Though I’ll stick with the online version and save the grand for a down payment on a furrier willing to recreate it for real…

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