Claudette Colbert in Fur – “The Gilded Lily” 1935

Claudette Colbert in 'The Gilded Lily' 1935

While Claudette Colbert is not a particular favorite of mine from the period (she’s not even my favorite Colbert), she does look rather nice in this exemplary from 1935. I haven’t seen The Gilded Lily, but it is going on the “remember to record” list, that’s for sure. Sadly I don’t even remember ever seeing it in TCM’s listings lo these many years, so my hopes aren’t particularly very high in that regard. I’ll be happy enough if they get back to showing Mannequin (the 1937 version with more and better fur), Breakfast for Two, and Pittsburgh. Oh, and the cinematic tour de force that is Ice Follies of 1939.

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  1. The Green Fairy Avatar
    The Green Fairy

    Well for a start I think that Claudette Colbert was wonderful.

    But never mind our difference of opinion AGAIN; if you are looking for fur, do not record The Gilded Lily. I bought the DVD because I like Claudette Colbert but that photograph could lure many a classic fur lover into a deadly trap. As far as I remember, she either enters or exits with it on and it is only on screen for a very short time; I cannot recall any other fur. It was recently on Youtube so you might want to take a look.

  2. The Green Fairy Avatar
    The Green Fairy

    I have just looked through it.

    The aforementioned coat is on screen for 45 seconds and she carries it on her arm
    There is a sequence of 1.5 minutes where she is wearing a coat with a silver fox collar and a very short disjointed sequence with another fox trimmed coat. There are also some other clips but with very inconsequential fur trim.

  3. Well, though certain other film genres are known for teasing fur coats on the cover only to severely under-deliver, I wouldn’t have expected it from A-list 1935 Hollywood fare. Fair enough, I will avoid this one.

    And, for the record, I merely said Miss Colbert was not a particular favorite of mine. She’s quite the attractive lady, no doubt. If anyone is counting, my personal favorite list breaks down something like this: Garbo, Dietrich, Stanwyck, and Crawford (early). That’s definitely the core group from the 30’s. Expanding a little further I’d add Natalie Wood and Sophia Loren at least.

  4. The Green Fairy Avatar
    The Green Fairy

    My top six would be Irene Dunne followed by Marlene Dietrich, Loretta Young, Kay Francis, Claudette Colbert and Constance Bennett in no particular order.

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