Our tour of Italy continues with a film destined to make my inner middle-schooler giggle: Asso. The title translates to “Ace,” and more mature individuals would have used that name. Personally, I would have gone with “Pretty Lady Wears A Lot of Furs.”

Edwige Fenech in a White Fox Fur Stole and Hat - Asso, 1981


Ace (Asso)

Asso – The Film

Ahem, “Ace” (Adriano Celentano), the greatest poker player in the world, decides to get married and settle down, but not before one more game. He wins a ton of money and an assassin. Dead but still visible to his widowed bride (Edwige Fenech), he sets out to ensure she’s taken care of by finding her a good husband. Thanks, 1981. There’s more, but that’s the basics. 

Asso – The Furs

We open on the soon-to-be unhappy couple. 70s sex symbol Edwige Fenech stars as Silvia, Ace’s bride and the one who is basically a fashion plate for the film’s entire runtime. She starts off slow with this probably fur bolero jacket.

Edwige Fenech in a White Ermine Fur Bolero Jacket - Asso, 1981

After Ace is killed, he shows up at his own funeral, where Silvia is in attendance in a pretty classic fur stole.

Edwige Fenech in a Silver Fox Fur Stole - Asso, 1981

Up next is a controversial entry because it’s not technically fur, but I’m calling “close enough” on this red feather stole. Also, everyone needs more photos of Edwige Fenech in their lives.

Edwige Fenech in a Red Feather Stole - Asso, 1981

There’s an extra in a fox jacket at a racetrack scene. I feel compelled to point out that the plot centers around Ace trying to ensure Silvia is “taken care of.” Still, she’s never presented as anything other than exceptionally well off. Alexis Carrington looks on and quickly scribbles notes on what to wear when she shows up in Denver.

Unknown Extra in a Fur Coat - Asso, 1981

And, really, why we’re all here: Edwige Fenech in a and stole. 

Edwige Fenech in a White Fox Fur Stole and Hat - Asso, 1981

This lovely ensemble graces our screens for almost two full minutes. 

Edwige Fenech in a White Fox Fur Stole and Hat - Asso, 1981

Asso is actually a conceptual alternate reality piece that shows us a fantastical world where the doofus on the right needs to be convinced to get with Edwige Fenech. 

Edwige Fenech in a White Fox Fur Stole and Hat - Asso, 1981

We’re not even done yet. Later, Silvia shows up briefly in this probably sheared mink or beaver.

Edwige Fenech in a Sheared Mink Coat - Asso, 1981

Finally, we end with some more . The movie gets a lot of leeway for that white fox outfit. I could say something dumb like, “It looks good on Edwige Fenech, at least.” But that statement applies to pretty much anything.

Edwige Fenech in a Black Feather Wrap - Asso, 1981

We’ve come to the ass end of the update. Asso is a pretty good fur fashion film, both in quality and runtime. The white fox fur hat and stole is easily the marquee fur, getting the attention it deserves. The supporting entries are acceptable and bulk it up to nine-and-a-half minutes of fur fashion screen time. And, if you’re going to put furs on anyone, Edwige Fenech is a pretty damn fine choice. I can quibble with the feathers, because they should have been fox, but that’s about it.

Fur Runtime: approx 9.5 minutes
Film Runtime: 90 minutes
On-Screen Fur Ratio: 10%

Find-a-Fur: Asso

(all time codes are approximate)

  • 05:38 – holding ermine (1 sec)
  • 06:30 – wearing ermine
  • 32:00 – 33:00 – silver fox stole
  • 39:00 – 40:00 – feather stole
  • 41:10 – ”
  • 45:18 – furs passing by
  • 47:25 – red feather stole
  • 48:00 – furs bystanders
  • 51:45 – white fur, not worn
  • 58:45 – 1:01:14 – white fox hat and stole
  • 1:03:10 – 1:04:30 – mink coat
  • 1:25:15 – 1:29:20 – black feather wrap

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