Time for the soft announcement that this is now just an Edwige Fenech stan blog. Well, not quite yet, but suffice to say, after Asso, I started… prioritizing my review queue. Sadly, this is not as good as Asso, but I suspect I may have inadvertently started with the greatest Edwige Fenech fur film. No matter, let’s get sleazy with Edwige and, all tougher now: Strip Nude for Your Killer. Please, form an orderly queue and don’t bunch up. Geeze, people, it’s like herding cats!

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Strip Nude for Your Killer – The Film

I think this is the site’s first 100%, what-it-says-on-the-tin, Giallo. Won’t be the last, either. But if you’re unfamiliar with the genre, just click the link, read up and get back to me. Since you didn’t do that, please be aware generally, naughty things happen in these films, and thus you may wish to consider your content tolerances before jumping in. This one concerns people working at a modeling agency getting stabbed graphically by an unknown assailant in a motorcycle helmet.

Strip Nude for Your Killer – The Fur

Edwige Fenech in a Coyote Fur Jacket - Strip Nude For Your Killer 1975

We open with a brief appetizer of the main course. Photographer Magda Cortis (our lord and savior, Edwige Fenech) is leaving the Albatross Modelling Agency with fellow photog Carlo in a big . This only lasts for a few seconds and at long range, but worry not, you’ll get an eyeful later.

Solvi Stubing in a Fur Coat - Strip Nude For Your Killer 1975

Up next, we have Patrizia (Solvi Stubing), who discovers the body of one of the killer’s victims. Her body-discovering outfit includes what appears to be a nutria fur stroller. Honestly not super sure on that one, but it’s not the main entry in the film’s fur fashion.

Erna Schurer in a Fur Coat - Strip Nude For Your Killer 1975

We shortly cut back to the agency where Magda is shooting a couple of people in fur, one of which is Doris (Erna Schurer). The other of which does not merit acknowledgment. Doris is wearing something spotted with some dark trim. Honestly, the camera never gets closer to it than in this shot. If you’re into that sort of thing, she is topless.

Erna Schurer in a Fur Coat - Strip Nude For Your Killer 1975

Doris leaves the shoot wearing this, probably a fur jacket. There are a lot of “vague 70s furs” in this movie.

Erna Schurer in a Fur Coat - Strip Nude For Your Killer 1975

If you like this one, I have good and bad news. The good news is that it’s the second longest-running fur in the film. The bad news is that you watch an attempted sexual assault by a fat dude while she’s wearing it. Justice is served as the guy is killed shortly after Doris leaves.

Amanda in a Fur Coat - Strip Nude For Your Killer 1975

A final interlude with… Amanda. I just report what the IMDb tells me. Amanda here plays another model named Gisella, who is questioned by the cops in her cop-questioning maybe- with a fox collar. Again, it’s short and dark, and I can’t be 100% sure what it is.

Edwige Fenech in a Coyote Fur Jacket - Strip Nude For Your Killer 1975

Finally, we make it to why we’re really all here: 8 minutes of Edwige Fenech in a coyote fur jacket, which encompasses half the total fur runtime. So they saved the best for last and the most for last as well.

Magda is trying to get some camera film developed that may identify the killer. As you and any particularly unimaginative screenwriter may imagine, the killer wishes to stop her.

Thus beings the long film-development-to-chase sequence. After the lights go out, the fur is a little harder to see.

Edwige Fenech in a Coyote Fur Jacket - Strip Nude For Your Killer 1975

Because it’s the 70s, Magda is rescued by her boyfriend, who eventually goes on to reveal the killer and end the film. 

Strip Nude for Your Killer (aka Nude per l’assassino) has a lot of furs, a solid sixteen-and-a-half minutes of fine fur fashion. Half of that is the excellent coyote fur jacket worn by the great Edwige Fenech. All that plus another eight minutes of very ‘70s furs equals a 17% on the ratio, which is enormous. Now, let’s talk about the problem with this film: Romana Piolanti. She is credited as the “hair stylist” according to IMDb, and thus, I presume, the one responsible for the utter tragedy that is Miss Fenech’s middle-school boy cut. It is just so… so… bad. 

Fur Runtime: approx 16.5 minutes

Film Runtime: 98 minutes

On-Screen Fur Ratio: 17%

Find-a-Fur: Strip Nude for Your Killer, 1975

(all times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film)

  • 19:10 – coyote jacket
  • 24:40 – 27:44 – nutria? jacket to spotted
  • 44:10 – 51:40 – raccoon? jacket
  • 55:10 – 56:10 – ”
  • 1:10:30 – 1:18:30 – coyote jacket
  • 1:25:30 – 1:32:00 – ”

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