Furs on Film – Respect (2021)

Time to play “how quickly can I get a copyright claim on Youtube” with the most recent film I have ever reviewed: Respect. Since it came out in 2021 and has real fur, you better believe it’s a period piece, just like everything else I have reviewed released after 2010. You’d think there was something unpopular about it or something…

Respect – The Film

Respect is a biopic of Aretha Franklin, a noted singer, songwriter, pianist, civil rights activist, record producer, and sometimes fur wearer. The latter part is why we’re here, though arguably, the other accomplishments are slightly more important. It stars Jennifer Hudson as Aretha and covers Franklin’s early life and rise to superstardom. 

Respect – The Furs

Mary J. Blige in a White Fox Fur Stole - Respect, 2021

The first fur in the film is not worn by Aretha but by Dinah Washington (Mary J. Blige), who gives Aretha some friendly not-so-friendly advice when she tries to sing one of Dinah’s songs early in her career.

Mary J. Blige in a White Fox Fur Stole - Respect, 2021

While none of the furs in the film are given much screen time, the large stole is given some proper… respect.

Jennifer Hudson in a Blue Fox Fur Coat - Respect, 2021

Up next is slightly-more-successful Aretha and a very brief appearance with a blue fox

Again, cinema proves incapable of sustaining the raw power of blue fox fur on the silver screen. Here is pretty much all of it.

Jennifer Hudson in a Mink Fur Coat - Respect, 2021

Naturally, the designer got the “dark fur in a dark scene” note and chose this dark brown coat to accompany a scene shot in a dimly lit hotel lobby. No fancy hotel lobby would be this poorly lit, but, “cinema,” I guess.

Jennifer Hudson in a Coyote Fur Coat - Respect, 2021

The best shot fur coat seen in the film is worn during an interview, and it is this full-length fur coat.

Jennifer Hudson in a Coyote Fur Coat - Respect, 2021

I suspect this is based on an actual event. However, the sheer amount of Aretha Franklin media on the internet makes finding any footage for comparison problematic. (Translation: I tried to Google it, and it took too long to find it.)

Jennifer Hudson in a Spotted Fur Coat - Respect, 2021

There’s a blink-and-you-‘ll-miss-it spotted item shot in near-total darkness. Again, cinema

Jennifer Hudson in a Chinchilla Fur Coat - Respect, 2021

Finally, the film closes out the fur fashion with a brief appearance of a full-length coat.

Jennifer Hudson in a Chinchilla Fur Coat - Respect, 2021

She simply walks in wearing it and takes it off. And here I thought I didn’t review adult movies on this blog…

To the multiple people who stuffed this into the suggestion box… eh… hope you enjoyed it. While the fur quality is very high, there is just not a lot of fur fashion in the movie. The movie is over two hours long so that only complicates matters and ends up netting it a pretty weak 2.5% fur runtime. I don’t think the quality is enough to invest so much time in it.

Though, yes, all together now: it has way more fur than Cruella.

Fur Runtime: approx 3.5 minutes
Film Runtime: 145 minutes
On-Screen Fur Ratio: 2.5%

Find-a-Fur: Respect, 2021

(all times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film)

  • 34:20 – white fox stole
  • 1:19:16 – blue fox coat
  • 1:27:30 – black (possibly sable) coat
  • 1:33:00 – coyote (possibly raccoon) coat
  • 2:02:20 – chinchilla coat

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