Julie Andrews in a musical? Box office gold, Jerry! Except when it’s not. Yes, we continue the fine tradition of flops with great fur fashion. The 1968 musical Star! landed three years after The Sound of Music with high studio expectations. Things did not go quite as well as hoped; as you may have noticed, musicals aren’t as popular as they used to be. That started *checks notes* in the late ‘60s. Oh boy…

Star! – The Film

The movie is a period piece! Even in old movies, you still find fabulous furs from different eras. In this case, it’s a biopic of British performer Gertrude Lawrence. Gertrude was fairly famous in the 1930s, a decade you may recognize as fairly well-represented on this website. That explains the more lively fur fashion than the norm in the ‘60s. 

Star! – The Furs

Julie Andrews in Red Fox - Star! 1968

It takes a little while to get going, but by the forty-five-minute mark, Gertrude (Julie Andrews) is famous enough to be a chorus girl in a fox costume. I will give the big thumbs down on the mask, but I suspect some readers will vigorously disagree.

Fortunately, for me, at least, the mask does not hang around long.

Extra in Sable Trimmed Coat - Star! 1968

As we’re already deep into the film, Gertrude’s about to become, dare we say… a star! That includes being part of fashion shows that have this -trimmed coat.

Julie Andrews in a Sable Fur Trimmed Coat - Star! 1968

Then buying that sable trimmed coat. I’m pretty sure it’s the same, though I looked at the patterns and am not 100% sure.

Julie Andrews in a White Belly Lynx Fur Coat - Star! 1968

Unfortunately, the best fur in the film does not get the screen time it deserves. This fantastic coat is around for only a moment.

I’m calling it belly lynx, though I cannot completely rule out lynx-dyed fox due to its thickness.

Photo of Julie Andrews in a White Belly Lynx Fur Coat - Star! 1968

Amusingly, it shows up again later in a gallery. Yes, this is art.

Julie Andrews in a White Fox Fur Wrap - Star! 1968

The second-best fur gets far better screen time. This wrap looks great.

It’s one of the best arguments for watching films in their original aspect ratio. I very much remember seeing a “pan and scan” version of this movie that cuts away from Gertrude entirely during this sequence.

Julie Andrews in a Red Fox Fur Collar and Cuffs - Star! 1968

Some of the sequences in the film are faux “newsreels,” where a few include furs. One is this collar and cuffs.

Julie Andrews in a Sable-Trimmed Ermine Fur Coat - Star! 1968

Gertrude’s affinity for sable trim is strong. She returns with a sable-trimmed coat.

I’m curious if continuity forgot what sable-trimmed coat she was wearing earlier. But it’s probably safe to assume it’s just another one from the wealthy lady’s wardrobe.

Julie Andrews in a Mink Fur Coat - Star! 1968

Another newsreel shows us this fairly pedestrian coat.

Julie Andrews in a Spotted Fur Coat - Star! 1968

Before this last bit of spots closes out the film.

Star! clocks in as a seemingly meager 5.5%, but it’s a long movie with just south of 10 minutes of fur. Some of the furs are great, including what I feel my ‘80s upbringing allows me to call a “mega lynx” coat and a full white fox wrap. Additional points for fans of variety since there’s a lot of different fur in the film. Additional points for being the Star film without Eric Robert’s sex chair.

  • Fur Runtime: approx 9:47
  • Film Runtime: 175 minutes
  • On-Screen Fur Ratio: 5.5%

Find-a-Fur: Star!, 1968

(all times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film)

  • 43:40 – 45:26 – red fox collar, mask, tail
  • 49:15 – sable trim
  • 51:20 – hat + trim
  • 52:20 – 53:45 – sable trim
  • 1:17:20 – huge lynx
  • 1:21:00 – photos of ”
  • 1:30:30 – 1:33:15 – thick white fox wrap
  • 1:49:00 – 1:50:00 – red fox trim
  • 2:03:50 – 2:05:00 – sable trimmed ermine
  • 2:16:45 – spots

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