Furs on Film – Never Say Never Again (1983)

“I don't have time for this because I want to be playing Starfield” Month begins with low-effort post #1: Never Say Never Again. The film and a particular secondary antagonist are pretty well known in several remote little internet huts you don't want to barge into without knocking. 

Never Say Never Again – The Film

It's the funky Bond movie that doesn't fit in the rest. Why? Read the Wikipedia article; I'm not your mother. The plot? Thunderball, but with B-1s instead of the cooler-looking Avro Vulcan bombers.

Never Say Never Again – The Furs

Meet Fatima Blush, SPECTRE Number 12, ever so ably portrayed by Baraba Carrera. Fatima is not only a femme fatale; she's a front runner to be the photo in the dictionary next to it. Fatima is another minor change from Thunderball, and we're all here for it. In this case, because she shows up in fur. The first is when she sweeps into the local SPECTRE potluck wearing this tail-fringed wrap.

It's probably either fisher or ; I'll leave it up to the readers to decide. I would say it's not a huge distinction. Still, it has come to my attention that, for some, Fatima's every square millimeter of celluloid has become their entire identity. 

Finally, there's this probably wrap, worn as she performs a dirty deed by tying up a loose end. The method: snake tossing. I know, I know, such a cliche, even back in 1983.

That's it for the fur. There are only about two minutes of frames you can string together where you will see Barbara Carrera wearing fur in this 134-minute movie. They are quite the beloved two minutes by many. Me? Meh, they're fine. You may protest, “Don't you simp for the Baroness?” And I will reply, “Yes, I simp for the Baroness.” She can run over Fatima with a tank; there is no comparison.

My “sober” assessment of the film is both scenes are poorly shot and barely give the furs any room on the screen.

  • Fur Runtime: approx 02:14 minutes
  • Film Runtime: 134 minutes
  • On-Screen Ratio: 2.38%

Find-a-Fur: Never Say Never Again, 1983

(All times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film.)

  • 7:45 – 10:30 – tail fringe wrap (intermittent)
  • 27:25 – 28:40 – gray fox wrap

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