Furs on Film – I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses (1978)

Oh la, la, an official “Video Nasty” this week. While many of my updates are of nasty films, it’s because they are, in fact, terrible in most artistic senses. I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses made an official list. I’m not sure how this stacks up to Cannibal Apocalypse, but I’ll assume British censors only have my best interests in mind.

I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses – The Film

The film is set during the trial of a guy who may have had his wife killed. The wife, Magdalene, is seen liberally in flashbacks. She may have been plotting his demise as well. Does any of this matter? According to most of the film’s reviews, not a bit.

I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses – The Furs

Magdalene (Elke Sommer) is a famous model, which is all the explanation you require for her wardrobe. She appears in a press-filled airport arrival wearing a fur collar.

Up next is… Well, I have several guesses, but I cannot be entirely sure of any of them. Fitch? Opossum? Some kind of mink? You, dear reader, may judge for yourself. You will have a decent amount to judge by, as this coat, by far, enjoys the most screen time.

It is even worn while Magdalene makes some subtle suggestions to one of her photographers regarding the availability of her tongue. 

Lazy, old me might have just tried to pass off the previous coat as and called it a day. Unfortunately, the film does not let me get away with that because a for-realsies blue fox appears later as Magdalene pops out her Porche while wearing a stroller and matching boa. The fur is excellent, but a lot of the scene is a very tight shot of her face, so there’s less of it to enjoy.

The film is not exactly packed, but the light runtime provides a near 5% ratio. What is in the movie is excellent, especially the blue fox and matching boa, which is not a combo you will see very often in any film. The “mystery fur” used in a seduction sequence is an excellent addition to that little cinematic trope, even if it was pretty basic.

  • Fur Runtime: 3:46 minutes
  • Film Runtime:  88 minutes
  • On-Screen Ratio: 4.28%

Find-a-Fur: I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses, 1978

(All times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film.)

  • 15:14 – 15:40 – lynx collar
  • 26:42 – feather nightie trim
  • 30:30 – 33:20 – fitch/opossum/mink? coat
  • 36:35 – ”
  • 45:45 – 46:55 – blue fox jacket and boa

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