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Index of Links to the fur fashion reviews and galleries for each posted film.


  • Baby Face – Barbara Stanwyck sleeps her way up the corporate ladder and accumulates some fine fur coats in the process. ReviewGallery.
  • The Crash – Set in the late ’20s with fashion so early ’30s, the fox furs anachronistically fly in this somber entry. ReviewGallery.
  • The Eagle and the Hawk – Carole Lombard smoking in a coat with a huge white fox collar and cuffs from an obscure 1933 war film. ReviewGallery.
  • Girls About Town – Kay Francis in a movie where she wears lots of fur. This happens a lot to Kay Francis. That’s a good thing. ReviewGallery + Clip.
  • I’m No Angel – Mae West is a well-dressed circus lion tamer in big fox wraps and coats. ReviewGallery.
  • Lady with a Past – Constance Bennett wears furs for over one-third of the entire film as a jilted heiress looking to get her man back. ReviewGallery.
  • Manhattan Melodrama – Myrna Loy wears fox furs opposite William Powell in a film that’s not about a thin man. ReviewGallery.
  • The Match King – A man makes a fortune in matches, and his would-be girlfriend dumps him wearing a fabulous fox-trimmed outfit. ReviewGallery.
  • Morning Glory – Katharine Hepburn in a huge white fox-trimmed wrap from the film that won her an Oscar. ReviewGallery.
  • No More Orchids – Carole Lombard stars in this fine example of a spoiled heiress film, with her character appropriately well-dressed in several furs. ReviewGallery.
  • Rockabye – Constance Bennett brings home the early 30’s fox collar prize as she visits the courtroom in a stunning collar and matching barrel muff. ReviewGallery.
  • Shanghai Express – An iconic role for Marlene Dietrich and one of the best single fur down fashion sequences committed to film. ReviewGallery.
  • Success at Any Price – Relative unknown Genevieve Tobin is the mistress and wife of some rich guys and wears the furs to prove it. ReviewGallery.
  • The Thin Man Films – The series starts in 1934 and goes to 1947, and we review five of the six films that include notable furs. ReviewGallery.
  • This is the Night – Thelma Todd and Lily Damita star in this ultra-complex 1932 romantic comedy, both in some nice furs. ReviewGallery.



  • Dance, Girl, Dance – I greatly enjoy Lucy as burlesque queen Tiger Lilly in her oversized white fox fur coat, among a great selection of other furs. ReviewGallery.
  • The Dolly Sisters – A ’40s musical with a happier ending than the one upon which it was based gives Betty Grable a chance to show off a fabulous white fox-trimmed coat. ReviewGallery.
  • Easy to Wed – A remake of Libeled Lady with a slightly pre “I Love” Lucille Ball taking up the fur-wearing mantle from Jean Harlow. ReviewGallery.
  • The Falcon Films – Group update featuring the furs from a series of “gentleman detective” films starring “The Falcon.” ReviewGallery.
  • Father Takes a Wife – Gloria Swanson, in her last role before the big comeback, stars in a film with many lovely furs not meant for the ’40s. ReviewGallery.
  • Lady Be Good – Hollywood makes divorce fun again in this Oscar-winning musical that features a few lovely foxes. ReviewGallery.
  • Lady of Burlesque – Barbara Stanwyck pushes big fox fur into the ’40s with 1943’s Lady of Burlesque, where Stephanie Bachelor steals the show as a smoking fur-clad faux Russian vamp. ReviewGallery.
  • The Lone Wolf Strikes – Sequel to The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt loses Ida Lupino but keeps the big white fox furs. ReviewGallery.
  • They All Kissed the Bride – Young, beautiful Joan Crawford in an enormous full-length silver fox fur coat; what more do you need? ReviewGallery.
  • Tin Pan Alley – Alice Faye and Betty Grable are almost upstaged by lesser-known Esther Ralston’s big fox-trimmed cape and muff. ReviewGallery.


  • Death of a Scoundrel – George Sanders goes from Falcon to Scoundrel in this 1956 film, and the fox stoles go with him. ReviewGallery.
  • Let’s Do It Again – Someone remakes The Awful Truth in 1953 with one of the biggest blush fox stoles of all time. ReviewGallery.
  • Party Girl – Cyd Charisse is the titular character, a showgirl with a couple of friendly furs she wears in this crime drama. ReviewGallery.
  • Silk Stockings – The 1950’s musical version of Ninotchka features Cyd Charisse in no furs at all but Janis Paige in a few brilliantly dyed fox furs. ReviewGallery.
  • Singing in the Rain – Silent film star Lina Lamont doesn’t stay silent in this critical darling’s selection of thick fox furs. ReviewGallery.








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